Vava Vol and Matt
July 30, 1990

Vava and Matt,
Studio Portrait for 'Physical Addictions" series, 1991


(Center) Sweet Josephine Sberna dancing...

Feathers instead of rice!

(L-R)Vava, Trancis and Blane

Vava prepares to...

...throw the bridal bouquet!

Darryl catches the bouquet (he was the tallest!)

Darryl- the next bride to be!

Trancis gets a ride while Josephine looks on (and laughs!)

Guests make use of the ScratchN'Sniff Wedding bed!

(L-R) Friends Ava Rave, Johnnie and Iago

Cozma (L) and friend, probably also wondering where Matt was in all this???

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