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Article and Photographs © Linda Dawn Hammond/ IndyFoto 2003

2003 Montreal World Film Festival
26th Edition (Aug. 27- Sept. 7)

Directors, actors etc.

Le Coeur des Hommes, Le Cordon, Zen Turkey, Desnudos, When Ruoma Was Seventeen, Man Watching Video
by Linda Dawn Hammond

(L-R) Marc Esposito, dir., Gerard Darmon, actor
Le Coeur des Hommes (France) 30/8/03

Goran Markovic, dir.
Le Cordon (Serbia and Montenegro) 30/8/03

Nebojs Romcevic, script, Predrag Popovic, DOP, Jocie Slobodan, prod., Goran Markovic, dir.
Le Cordon (Serbia and Montenegro) 30/8/03

(L-R) Robert Cohen, dir, Robin Neinstein, prod.
Zen Turkey (Canada) 31/8/03

Chumilla Carbajosa, dir.
Desnudos (Spain) 31/8/03

Salvador Cuevas, actor
Desnudos (Spain) 31/8/03

(L-R) Zhang Jiarui, dir, Li Min, actor
When Ruoma Was Seventeen (China) 31/8/03

Li Min, actor
When Ruoma Was Seventeen (China) 31/8/03

Hak-soon Kim, dir., prod. script
Man Watching Video (Korea) 31/8/03

And the award goes to-

Betraying Reason
for Most Thoughtless Marketing Ploy of a Film at the festival. The film purports to be, in part, about a character named "Reason Boles" who is going mad over the destruction of an ancient forest. So whose brilliant idea then was it, to leave dozens of fir tree plugs- complete with roots- in film canisters all over the festival lobby for days on end? Very cute, but these are living plants, now destined to the rubbish bins of eternity (or, at least, the Wyndom's), when the hotel staff clean up each night. Plants need water, not to mention perhaps, soil? Granted, they wrote on the lid that spruce trees require watering, but it is akin to leaving a baby on a stranger's doorstep with a note around its neck- please give me milk. Well, perhaps this is on a lesser scale, but the burden has been placed on locals, who are doing our best to collect and transplant the poor things in our gardens. Most people at the hotel are transient visitors and cannot fulfill this obligation. These are, incidentally, the very same trees which tree planters are given to replace said ancient forests- already a topic of contention as old growth forests cannot ever be truly replaced by homogenous, commercially engineered fir trees. Where is the irony in killing off dozens more trees to bring attention to their plight (or rather, this film). Clever word plays abound, intentional or otherwise, in "Betraying Reason".


Linda Dawn Hammond

Montreal World Film Festival 2003
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