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Article and Photographs © Linda Dawn Hammond/ IndyFoto 2003

2003 Montreal World Film Festival
26th Edition (Aug. 27- Sept. 7)

Directors, actors etc.

Samira Mahkmalbaf, Long Gone, Un Film Falado,, Terminal, More Vampires in Havana

by Linda Dawn Hammond

Samira Mahkmalbaf, First Feature Prize Jury Pres., dir.
At Five in the Afternoon, (Iran) 4/9/03

Manoel de Oliveira, dir.,
Un Filme Falado, (Portugal/ France/ Italy) 4/9/03

(L-R) Jack Cahill, David Eberhardt, co-directors
Long Gone, (USA) 4/9/03

Aitzol Aramaio
Terminal, (Spain) 5/9/03

(L-R) Gustavio Fernandez, Juan Padron, dir., Francisco Leon
More Vampires in Havana, (CUBA) 5/9/03

(L-R) Linda Dawn Hammond, IndyFoto, Juan Padron, dir.
More Vampires in Havana, (CUBA) 5/9/03

Juan Padron, dir., animator
More Vampires in Havana, (CUBA) 6/9/03


Linda Dawn Hammond

Montreal World Film Festival 2003
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