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Article and Photographs © Linda Dawn Hammond/ IndyFoto 2003

2003 Montreal World Film Festival
26th Edition (Aug. 27- Sept. 7)

Directors, actors etc.

Denis Arcand dir. Les Invasions Barbares, L'Outremanger, See Grace Fly, X Files (?!)...

by Linda Dawn Hammond

Denys Arcand, dir. Les Invasions Barbares (Canada).
Arcand's film screened as part of an Hommage/ Tribute to Denise Robert, producer of The Barbarian Invasions, for her extensive work and considerable success promoting Canadian and, in particular, québécois films. Arcand is also Denise Robert's husband, so this film was a team effort, which payed off with 2 top awards at Cannes and Best Picture at the Toronto Film Fest! 2/9/03

Denys Arcand, dir. Les Invasions Barbares, (Canada) 2/9/03

Denys Arcand, dir. Les Invasions Barbares, (Canada)
looks over a freshly minted copy of "Hollywood North" (Authors Michael Spencer and Suzan Ayscough)
En traduction- "Hollywood à Montréal: naissance et développement de l'industrie du film québécois" 2/9/03

(L-R) Eric Cantona, actor, Thierry Binisti, dir.,co-script
L'Outremanger HC (France) 1/9/03

(L-R) Pete McCormack, dir., Paul McGillian, actor, Gina Chiarelli, actor
See Grace Fly (Canada) 1/9/03

Gina Chiarelli, actor
See Grace Fly (Canada) 1/9/03

(L-R) Paul McGillian, actor, Pete McCormack, dir.
See Grace Fly (Canada) 1/9/03

(R-L) Vincent (Musetto, film critic NY Post) and I (Linda Dawn Hammond, photo-journalist and webmeisterin) 1/9/03

Bill Davis, actor
Otherwise known as the elusive and enigmatic Cigarette Smoking Man in the X Files...
What was he actually doing in the lobby. Why was there strange music filtering round the room in his vicinity...
and why no cigarette smoke??? Because he's a... NON-smoker?!!! The secret is revealed!! 1/9/03

The Cigar-smoking man... Arq.Leopoldo Soto M. - Film journalist
Excelsior, Mexico, 1/9/03


Linda Dawn Hammond

Montreal World Film Festival 2003
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