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Article and Photographs © Linda Dawn Hammond/ IndyFoto 2003

2003 Montreal World Film Festival
26th Edition (Aug. 27- Sept. 7)

Directors, actors etc.

Dusan Kovacevic, dir., Bora Todorovic, The Professional,Gaz Bar Blues,Man Watching Video, Place des Arts Closing Ceremony.

by Linda Dawn Hammond

Dusan Kovacevic, dir., The Professional, (Serbia/ Montenegro) 7/9/03

Bora Todorovic, actor, The Professional, (Serbia/ Montenegro) 7/9/03

Serge Thériault, actor, Gaz Bar Blues, (Canada) 7/9/03

Hak-soon Kim, dir., prod. script
Man Watching Video (Korea) 7/9/03

Li Min, actor
When Ruoma Was Seventeen (China) and Carla, 7/9/03

(L-R) Paul McGillian, actor, Gina Chiarelli, actor, Pete McCormack, dir.
See Grace Fly (Canada) 7/9/03

Eva Quintas and Michel Lefevre, "TOPO", 7/9/03

Suzan Ayscough, co-author of book, Hollywood North 7/9/03


Linda Dawn Hammond

Montreal World Film Festival 2003
Red Carpet Opening Erland Josephson, Copps, Mahkmalbaf, Depardieu, Gaz Bar Blues cast, Scorsese tribute (Sept.6) /
Opening ceremony Gaz Bar Blues cast, Julie Depardieu, jury, Masoud Raouf, Louis Bélanger, See Grace Fly,/
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PHOTOS Page 2 L'Outremanger, See Grace Fly, X Files (?!), Denys Arcand /
PHOTOS Page 3 Peter Wintonic, Rock Demers, Charles Binamé The Ticking Man, Desnudos /
PHOTOS Page 4 Samira Mahkmalbaf, Long Gone, Un Filme Falado, Terminal, More Vampires in Havana /
PHOTOS Page 5 Dusan Kovacevic, dir., Bora Todorovic, act. The Professional, Gaz Bar Blues, Man Watching Video, When Ruoma Was Seventeen, See Grace Fly, etc...

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